Murano glass

Blown Murano glass is handmade by Murano glassmasters, custodians of a centuries-old tradition that has marked history for generations. This distinguishes Murano glass from any other crystal on the market and makes the blown crystal technique, as well as the entire production process, executable in total safety by master glassmakers. A unique, sustainable and safe material, capable of giving shape to works of great artistic value. All the Venetian crystal elements are made in our Murano furnace while the structures and components are all made in Italy and are the result of an intense creative commitment.


What is the trademark Vetro Artistico® Murano?
It’s a collective mark established by law and certifies that the products are made in Murano.

Why is the trademark necessary?
To protect the image of Murano glass and also to guarantee to the customer the origin of the product and that it has been made using traditional artistic methods born and developed over a thousand years in the island of Murano.

When was born?*
The Trademark VetroArtistico® Murano is born with law n.70 of 23 December 1994 by the Veneto Region. In December of 2001 he was entrusted with the exclusive management of the Consortium Promovetro.

What does the trademark guarantee?
The security that the product is genuine Murano glass, made on Murano island, according to glass-making tradition.

Who owns the trademark?
The exclusive owner of the trademark Vetro Artistico® is the Veneto Region.

Who can display it?
Only companies producing artistic glass on the island of Murano can apply for the trademark: if granted, they become a concessionary company of the trademark Vetro Artistico® Murano.

How does it works?
Concessionary companies apply a special stick-on label to their products to guarantee without any doubt the origin of the manufacture.

What does the stick-on label look like?
The trademark depicts a typical glasswork tool, the “borsella”, as it is used to create a glass dish. The Trademark may be red or blue, according to the type of product manufacturing. The “borsella” and the writing “Vetro Artistico® Murano” are printed in gold leaf. The label is tamper-proof — which means it is impossible to remove without tearing — and displays the producer’s identification code.

Where should customers look to find the stick-on label?
The stick-on label is always applied to a glass part of the object.

Why I have to buy a product with trademark?

  • products with trademark VetroArtistico® Murano maintain an economic value over time
  • products with trademark VetroArtistico® Murano are made on the island of Murano in Venice (ITALY) and not in the Venetian hinterland.
  • products with trademark VetroArtistico® Murano are manufactured in compliance with the laws on workers safety, quality of production processess and consumer protection.
    products with trademark Vetro Artistico® Murano are made following the ancient techniques of working glass and according to the ancient rules of composition and mixing of materials, necessary for the creation of true Murano glass.

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