"LANCE" Rezzonico style Murano glass chandelier

24kt gold leaf decorations
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Brand: La Fucina del Vetro

The Rezzonico style chandelier "LANCE" in Murano glass in the photo and in the 12 light version with 24kt gold leaf decorations.

Package includes

Includes spare parts for leaves and flowers, chain and ceiling rosette, pre-set CE or UL certificate electrical system, assembly kit and instructions, the relative guarantee certificate and the affixing of the VetroArtistico® Murano trademark company code n.074, granted by law regional no. 70 of 12/23/94 by the Veneto Region, testifying to the authenticity and origin of the product. Does not include bulbs.

The chandelier is then vacuum packed inside rigid cardboard boxes and generally shipped in 45/60 days. For more information on times, just send an email to info@lafucinadelvetro.com specifying the order number.

Furthermore, each Murano chandelier in our collections can be customized in color and size on request and it is always possible to combine one of the following products on request, always made in Murano glass: appliques, ceiling lights, floor lamps, flambeaux, table lamps and table lamps. from bedside table.

On request it can also be made in the variants:

  • 3 lights
  • 5 lights
  • 6 lights
  • 8 lights

Naturally all Murano chandeliers are entirely handmade by our glass masters following the ancient techniques of Murano glass processing for the production of the classic Venetian blown glass chandeliers, and are produced in our Murano chandelier factory located on the homonymous island (Murano - Venice).

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Vetro Artistico® Murano is a proof of origin provided by the Veneto Region in compliance with the law 70, passed on December 23 1994. It certifies that products have been made on the island of Murano, according to glass making tradition. It is managed by Consorzio Promovetro.

Can’t find the shipping method that’s right for you? Write to info@lafucinadelvetro.com for a quote.