Our history

Passion, dexterity and knowledge, these are the characteristics necessary to best tackle our work and our family has possessed them since 1996, the year in which La Fucina del Vetro®® was founded by Marco Zardinoni, a young entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience on the island of Murano in the production and sale of chandeliers and lighting items.

After only two years in 1998 Marco sees the future in electronic commerce and is the first in Murano to open an e-commerce website www.lafucinadelvetro.com, a site that you can see here LINK in the first version and that in 2022, remotely more than twenty years old, it is still online and continues to be one of the most clicked and sought after for the purchase of Murano glass chandeliers.

La Fucina del Vetro® becomes a leading company in the production of chandeliers, appliques, ceiling lights, lamps, torchlights, floor lamps and lamps entirely made of Murano glass, following the most ancient blown glass manufacturing techniques and is chosen for the realization of the lighting of the most famous hotels in Venice including Hotel Cipriani, Hotel Bauer, Hotel ai Cavalieri and Villa Barbarich, of institutional headquarters among the most important in the world and of private residences with classic and modern furnishings.

In the early 2000’s, La Fucina del Vetro® was able to enter the market for the restoration of antique chandeliers and increased its presence on the web with the opening of new e-commerce websites www.lafucinadelvetro.itand www.lafucinadelvetromurano.com. All this in 2010 earned the recognition by the Veneto Region of Company Concessionaire of the Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark, the only trademark officially recognized in Italy and in the world for the protection and originality of Murano glass and which only a few companies can boast.

Today, therefore, we produce classic and modern chandeliers of all sizes, for large and small spaces, from the transparent glass version with 24kt gold leaf decoration to milky white, from the use of watermarks to colours, but above all, we are able to create chandeliers directly from your drawing or project with the colors and decorations that best match the furnishings of your homes, palaces, theaters or hotels. For us what matters is that you are satisfied, and to make that happen we put our face in and put our passion and our expertise at your service. Do you want a real Murano glass chandelier, unique, handcrafted, and of high quality? So don’t hesitate, choose us, choose a product from La Fucina del Vetro®.

Marco ed Enrico Zardinoni

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