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See where some of the world’s finest glass art is born on a factory tour, and watch a master glassmaker at work during a live demonstration.

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“La Fucina del Vetro” is a Murano glassworks that has been producing high-quality chandeliers. Our chandeliers are made with the finest materials and are hand-blown by experienced glassblowers.

Our glassworks is located in the heart of Murano, a short walk from the Glass Museum. Come and visit us to discover our production and our glass chandeliers. We will be happy to show you our workshop and tell you about our production process.

Our chandeliers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. We can create custom chandeliers to suit your tastes and needs.

If you are looking for a unique and special glass chandelier, “La Fucina del Vetro” is the place for you. Our chandeliers are a work of art that will make your home unique and special.

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Why visit Murano? Visit the La Fucina del Vetro furnace

Murano is world-famous for its glassmaking tradition, and one of the unmissable experiences during a visit to Murano is the chance to explore the island’s furnaces and glassworks. These furnaces are magical places where glass comes to life through the talent of skilled local artisans.

A visit to a Murano furnace is a unique opportunity to witness the creation of glass works of art. The furnaces are usually open to the public, allowing visitors to see the glass-making process up close. Planning a visit is very easy, just one click.

Come visit the Glass Fucina where expert craftsmen create beautiful glass works of art. The visit to this glass factory is a unique opportunity to discover the fascinating world of Murano glass processing.

It is a perfect choice to spend a relaxing day admiring the skills of the master glassmakers.

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