Sconce “Rezzonico” 3 lights for Restaurant Al Buso – Venice

Sconce “Rezzonico” 3 lights all 24kt gold leaf and red decoration fot Restaurant Al Buso – Venice – Italy

Each sconce has been created with care and attention to detail by expert local craftsmen, who have inherited and preserved the art and savoir-faire of glassmaking. The result is a symphony of unrivaled colours, shapes and designs. The golden or silver metal structure blends harmoniously with the delicate glass arms, drawing a set of fluid curves that give the wall light a timeless elegance.

The three lights of the appliques diffuse a warm and enveloping light, creating an intimate and refined atmosphere in our restaurant. Every corner of the room shines with soft light, highlighting the architectural elements and decorative details, creating a welcoming and romantic environment. Rezzonico wall lights are the perfect emblem of discreet luxury, giving a touch of refinement and an aura of mystery.

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