Chandeliers and lighting Murano glass
The real Murano glass between classic and contemporary art. Discover our product catalog by choosing from dozens of chandeliers.

La fucina del vetro

La Fucina del Vetro was born on Murano island and from decades it’s committed to the artigianal production of blown glass chandeliers and other lighting products. Everyday classic and modern creations made by our glassmasters decor houses, historical residences and hotel all around the world.

Vetro Artistico ® of Murano

Promovetro has fought for years alongside Confartigianato Venezia and Confindustria Veneza, to create a trademark for original Murano glass, a trademark that would put an end to the continuous speculations which were perpetrated for decades against Murano by subjects who cared little for the delicate balance on which this thousand year old industry is founded. Now this trademark, instituted into law by the Veneto Region (no. 70, December 23 1994), has finally become a reality and Promovetro has been appointed to manage and publicize it all over the world. For this reason, Promovetro may rightfully be considered one of the principal guardians of original Murano artistic glass production.

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